NYC Shopping Unfolds® Map

NYC Shopping Unfolds street map

The Map as dimensional graphics and sexy accessory. In the MoMA Design Collection.

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VanDam's award-winning NYC Shopping Unfolds maps the top 500 shops in Manhattan from accessories boutiques to vintage clothing stores and everything in between at an immensely legible scale. Shop map includes complete store index with categories, addresses and phone numbers updated annually.

This compact map package refolds easily to 3" x 7.25" (8.5" x 11" open) and fits discreetly into your shirt-pocket and purse. A fun and easy guide to shopping New York City.

ISBN: 0-931141-97-4

Customer Reviews

"Clear and concise as usual with the Van Dam maps!"

- Bill W. Evans on January 8, 2017  ★★★★★  (out of 5 stars)

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Free U.S. Shipping With Purchase of 3 or More Maps