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The new 2020 StreetSmart® Florida maps all of Florida's top attractions, theme parks, museums, hotels, resorts and beaches with highways exits clearly marked at an immensely legible scale of 1:1,470,000. This driving map puts all of Florida in context plus provides local details for all major cities. The map is so legible you can read it from 3 feet away. This clarity of information design has earned VanDam maps a place in the MoMA Design Collection.

CONTENTS: Florida State map 1:1,470,000; Map details of Jacksonville 1:600,000; Gainesville 1:135,000; Pensacola 1:280,000; Tallahassee 1:200,000; Panama City 1:180,000; Daytona Beach 1:240,000; Orlando 1:325,000; Tampa-St Petersburg 1:680,000; Gold Coast from Miami to Palm Beach 1:750,000; Fort Meyers to Cape Coral 1:470,000; and Key West 1:52,000.

StreetSmart® Florida is laminated for durability and measures 4" x 9" closed (32" x 9" open) to snuggly fit into your pocket. If you are looking for the Art Deco District in Miami Beach, Books and Books in Key West, the right exit to the Magic Kingdom in Orlando, the shortest route to the Space & Missile Museum in Cape Canaveral, the Shark Valley Visitor Center in the Everglades or want to visit the Florida State Capitol in Tallahassee. StreetSmart Florida helps you to travel with confidence. You will understand the overall highway system and each individual exit to get you there quickly and in style.

VanDam also publishes separate StreetSmart and Pop-Up maps to Miami, Orlando and Walt Disney World. Buy this map to get instant Florida StreetSmarts.

ISBN: 1934395773

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""...the Map to Florida...""

- The New York Times  ★★★★★  (out of 5 stars)

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