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Mexico City StreetSmart street map

VanDam Mexico City Street Map:
Compact & Laminated 2024 Edition

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StreetSmart® Mexico City CDMX Map by VanDam - Laminated city center street map of CDMX w/all attractions, pre-hispanic sites, museums, hotels, restaurants, taquerías, colonial churches, markets, theaters, volcanoes & a complete transit system map. 2023 Bilingual English & Spanish Edition

VanDam's new 2023 StreetSmart® CDMX maps all top attractions, archeological sites, museums, baroque churches, artisanal markets, boutique hotels, destination restaurants, famed taquerías, urban skateparks, plus ecotourism parks at an immensely legible scale complete with a 3-D relief view of the Valle de México's volcanic peaks. Clear information design allows users to read the map from three feet away and has earned VanDam maps a place in the MoMA Collection. The map is film-laminated, accordion folded and pocket-size.

Coverage: Greater CDMX Metro Map 1:205,000; CDMX City Walking Map: 1:15,500; San Ángel Walking Map: 1:19,000; Coyoacán Walking Map: 1:19,000; Ciudad Universitario Map: 1:46,500; Teotihuacán Map: 1:6,000;

Dimensions: 4 x 9 folded, 9 x 36 unfolded, fits into shirt pocket or purse.


StreetSmart® CDMX is so legible you will instantly understand how Art deco Condesa with its verdant parks connects to Chapultepec Park with its many museums. Where to have a splendid outdoor lunch and shop in fashionable Polanco. You will walk with confidence from hipster Roma Norte through edgy Juárez on to Santa Maria de Ribera and the historic district with Templo Mayor and Palacio Nacional on the Zócalo as a grand finale.

México City conjures many images: Gigantic latin metropolis of 21.6 million (actually 8.99 million in the city and 12.6 million in surrounding México state), sprawling city of palaces, the intellectual capital of Latin America, treasure trove of first class museums, a food capital, an architectural wonderland amidst lush tropical vegetation, birthplace of the Aztec Empire, and most recently skateboarding paradise and - the new Berlin - all surrounded by almost 4,000 meter high volcanoes (Ajusco, Pelado & Xitle).

StreetSmart® CDMX focuses on the urban core, selects the best Mexico City has to offer and directs you safely in seven self-guided walks: from Condesa's unique, circular, Avenida Amsterdam - the former hippodrome - surrounding subtropical Parque México to the boutiques, galleries (OMR on Cordoba) and hot restaurants of Roma Norte along Calles Orizaba and Colima. Grab a taco al pastor or a gringa at Orinoco before you cross Avenida Insurgentes, the spine of the megalopolis.

The "Museum walk" takes you on an art-filled stroll along majestic Paseo de la Reforma through Chapultepec Park starting from the must-visit Museo de la Andropología. Museum options continue: Arte Moderno, Contemporaneo Tamayo, Nacional de la Historia, Museo del Caracol and the Castillo Chapultepec) which lead into headquarters avenue past Torre Reforma - voted best global skyscraper in 2018 - to the Angel of Independence toward Centro Historico.

The "Centro walk" from Alameda Central via Palacio de Bellas Artes to the giant Zócalo ending at Templo Mayor - the G spot of Aztec culture - is time travel through Mexican history as illustrated and bookended by Diego Rivera's stunning murals starting at the eponymous Museo de Mural and ending at his classic mural in the Palacio Nacional. Dining options on the way range from experimental Limosneros to institutions like El Popular, El Cardenal and Café Tacuba. All of this is clearly marked in context on the map as you pass Museo del Estanquillo (the personal collection of the writer Carlos Monsivais) and the baroque convent of Ex-Teresa Arte Actual (edgy sound installations & urban interventions). After experiencing the genius of Templo Mayor, a perfect finish may be a table on the terrace at Las Sirenas overlooking the Catedral Metropolitana while you ponder the role catholicism played in shaping Mexican history.

Walks 6 and 7 are designed as weekend diversions in the southern part of CDMX. Start your Saturday in Coyoacán at the house where Leon Trotsky, Frida Kahlo's lover, was assassinated on Stalin's orders, then proceed to join the fans awaiting entrance into the Frida Kahlo Museum. A bit further south is the charming Mercado and the double plazas of Hidalgo and Centenario for a cafecito and people watching. Continue on Av Francisco Sosa to San Ángel on what is arguably the prettiest street in all of Mexico (45 minute walk with stops at La Pause for limonada and the Mural at Callejón del Aguacate). After crossing busy Insurgentes check out the Museo El Carmen and the local markets around Plaza San Jacinto then head for a latin jazz brunch on the terrace of Saks. Then follow the route to visit the former home and studio Museo Casa Studio Diego and Frida - note the drawbridge which she is said to have pulled up to punish his philandering. It all ends at the San Ángel Inn across the street with a traditional mole negro and margaritas.

The map to the Ciudad Universitaria shows headquarters for the incomparable Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Founded in 1551 UNAM is said to have more than 350,000 enrolled students and is truly a city of its own. In addition to an Olympic Stadium, a botanic garden with huge ecological reserves it also sports CDMX's best contemporary art museum: MUAC.

In the absence of a grand urban masterplan for Mexico City (think the Paris of Baron Haussmann, the NYC Commissioners Plan etc.) the city grid changes every 15-20 blocks by neighborhood which creates an intriguing urban energy. Diverse urban grids literally crash into each other. This makes the case for having a physical map with the bandwidth to show overviews on how these shifting grids connect. The grand leafy boulevards in the center of many avenues do take their cue from Paris and provide a welcome promenade in the French manner and a respite from urban traffic.

Transportation: Even though Ubers are so inexpensive one is tempted to tip the value of half the fare, traffic can get clogged up and public transportation options abound: subway, train, tram, bus, urban gondolas known as teleféricos. StreetSmart® CDMX is the only pocket map to show the entire system and its connections clearly in context.

StreetSmart® CDMX gives you a curated take on the City - whether you spend 2 days or two months - rather than showing you ads which change every time you zoom in on the map. In Roma Norte you'll hear more English than Español these days. It's good to remember that when entering a restaurant Mexicans wish each other a "Buen provecho" which will go miles in creating good vibes and help you look fluent in the culture.

Stephan Van Dam, the map's designer and publisher splits his time between homes in NYC and Oaxaca and spends at least a month every year in CDMX.

Get StreetSmart® CDMX and become an instant Chilango/a.

ISBN: 1-932527-92-3

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