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Barcelona StreetSmart® street map

VanDam Barcelona Street Map:
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VanDam's 2019 StreetSmart® Barcelona maps all top attractions including, museums, churches, city beaches, hotels, theaters, major architecture and more at an immensely legible scale of 1:19,000 complete with a 3-D building illustrations. Clear information design allows users to read the map from three feet away and has earned VanDam maps a place in the MoMA Collection. The map is film-laminated, accordion folded and pocket size.

Coverage: Regional Barcelona Map 1:63,000; Barcelona Street Map: 1:19,000; Ciutat Vela (Raval, Barri Gotic, La Ribera) Detail Map 1:8,900; Barceloneta Detail Map: 1:7,700 Metro TMB Map. Dimensions: 4 x 9 folded, 9 x 32 unfolded, fits into shirt pocket or purse.

2019 StreetSmart® Barcelona is so legible you will easily understand how all parts of the city connect. From La Sagrada Familia to Mont Juïc, from Park Güell to Casa Milà, from Barceloneta to La Boqueria and from Barri Gotic to Tibidadbo. Barcelona, the city of Gaudíesque grandeur has been a creative and design capital since Roman times. Studded with architectural treasures from Romanesque to Gothic, Baroque to Neo Classical, Art Nouveau to Modernista (La Pedrera) and Modern (Barcelona Pavillion by Mies van der Rohe) the city attracts multitudes of tourists. To avoid overtourism go off season.

2019 StreetSmart® Barcelona covers all the bases from God's perspective to the most minute details. A stunning dimensional detail of Ciutat Vella with its neighborhoods of Barri Gotic, La Ribera, El Born and El Raval is so clearly rendered you can gracefully navigate from Mercat La Boqueria through Ramblas to the Picasso Museum and beyond. Designed with some of the grandest boulevards in Europe like Av Diagonal Barcelonas this walkers paradise offers urban riches made even more delightful with a map that indicates tiny medieval passages just as clearly as the grand boulevards so you always know where you are.

2019 StreetSmart® Barcelona allows you to get around the largest Gothic City in Europe with ease and features a guided Modernista tour of the architecture of Gaudí and Lluís Domènech i Montaner. Stroll up Passeig de Gràcia in the L'Example district to be awed by their modernist Gothic designs found nowhere else. The octagonal urban grid design of this district by the 19th C city planner Ildefons Cerdà creates a unique rhythm and turns every intersection into a plaza. It also lets light and ventilation reach mid block. A brilliant design known to designers planners as the L'Eixample Blocks. If you crave great furniture shopping this town is Mecca. Also, look for La Casa del Bacalao a store unique to Barcelona which sells only one thing: Cod in all its guises.

2019 StreetSmart® Barcelona guides you from Barri Gotic to the home of FC Barcelona, one of the top soccer clubs in the world. Its Camp Nou stadium is the temple where Messi and Suarez do their magic playing fútbol total. Our TMB Transport overview map combines subways, buses, local and national trains with funicular and gondola connections. All local transit stops are marked in context by line right on all maps. This enables you to confidently take public transportation after a hot day at the beach via bus, tram and funicular from Barceloneta to cool Tibidado (1,680 feet up in the coastal range). Visit the mini cathedral of Sacrat Cor, the adjacent amusement park and then spoil yourself at the Grand Hotel La Florida with dinner and stunning city views.

2019 StreetSmart® Barcelona Its film lamination is extra durable and will last you for your next trip. Simplicity reigns supreme to make complex cities clear and understandable. Gain instant Barcelona STREETSMARTS & a memorable souvenir to boot!a memorable souvenir to boot!

ISBN: 1-934395-55-2

Customer Reviews

"I took this map to BCN with me, last minute, and I NEVER PUT IT DOWN. Something is so much better about looking at a real map as opposed to your phone. I could make out all the wording and found every street I wanted. That's not asking too much! I needed 1 piece because I hate turning pages, and I needed laminated because It Rains Sometimes! I promised myself I'd write a good review when I got back, so, here it is. (Ta Da !!)"

- Noni, August 8, 2016  ★★★★★  (out of 5 stars)

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