Brooklyn StreetSmart® Map

Brooklyn StreetSmart street map

VanDam Brooklyn Street Map:
Compact & Laminated

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VanDam's best selling Brooklyn StreetSmart maps all of Brooklyn's attractions, neighborhoods, museums, hotels and more at an immensely legible scale with 3D buildings. Includes detail of Downtown, Brooklyn Heights, DUMBO and Williamsburg.

This sexy laminated city map package refolds easily to 4" x 9" (24" x 9" open) and snuggly fits into your pocket. "The Map" to Brooklyn is updated anually! Buy this map to become an instant StreetSmart Brooklynite.

ISBN: 1-932527-88-5

Customer Reviews

"The map lives up to the name "StreetSmart". This is the Brooklyn map to have when you're getting a look at New York and you want to visit the most populous borough of the city."

- By AmyC.on September 22, 2016   ★★★★★  (out of 5 stars)

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