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Delhi StreetSmart street map

VanDam Delhi Street Map:
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StreetSmart® Delhi & Golden Triangle maps all top attractions including archeological sites, museums, temple cities, forts, hotels, national parks and more at an immensely legible scale complete with 3-D building illustrations. Clear information design allows users to read the map from three feet away and has earned VanDam maps a place in the MoMA Collection. The map is film-laminated, accordion folded and pocket size.

Coverage: Golden Triangle & Rajasthan Map 1:350,000; Greater Delhi Map: 1:15,000 Delhi Street Map: 1:44,000; Old Delhi Detail Map: 1:22,000 Connaught Place Detail Map: 1:22,000; Jaipur & Pink City Map: 1:35,000 City Palace Museum Map: 1:3,500; Taj Mahal 3D map illustration: 1:500

Dimensions: 4 x 9 folded, 9 x 32 unfolded, easily fits into shirt pocket or purse.

StreetSmart® Delhi & Golden Triangle is so clear and legible you will instantly understand how all the parts of the Golden Triangle and Rajasthan connect. The map presents a comprehensive overview with critical details of the places you are likely to visit on your Northern India journey.

A little Mughal family history: Take delight in the sublime geometry of Emperor Humayun’s Tomb in southern Delhi as you proceed to Mathura, the city of Krishna. On the outskirts of town pay homage to the architectural wonder of his son Akbar’s Tomb where hordes of monkeys play in the fields. Onward to Agra for your visit to The Taj Mahal, the most famous mausoleum of love built by Shah Jahan, Akbar’s grandson, to his wife Mumtaz who died in childbirth. A special 3-D cutaway schematic illustrates the Taj’s divine proportions and alludes to its presumed origin as a Shiva temple. While touching the soft, ivory colored marble look across the river to the Black Taj where Shah Jahan’s son Aurangzeb imprisoned his love-sick dad for the remainder of his life.

StreetSmart® Delhi & Golden Triangle Wonders abound in this part of the world. While driving keep an eye out for women wearing colorful saris and intricate jewelry while tarring roads in their bare feet. From Agra the next stop is the abandoned city of Fatehpur Sikri
an erstwhile capital of the Mughal Empire. Sariska National Park/b> where tigers and wild boar roam the grasslands is a must see before arriving in Jaipur, the jeweled capital of Rajasthan. This map provides the critical detail and context so you can travel with confidence.

StreetSmart® Delhi & Golden Triangle covers all the bases from God's perspective to the most minute details. The map clearly identifies historic hotels (havelis), resorts, shiva temples, mosques, shrines, mausolea and parks to help you understand the regional cultures which make this region so diverse and uniquely beautiful. While staying at one of the historic havelis in Jaipur you will come to realize that many aspects of British culture are really Rajasthani in origin. Tea which freed the Brits from having beer soup for breakfast, avatars, bandanas, bungalows, moguls, pajamas, paisley, verandahs, gingerbread architecture and much more were all imports from imperial India.

StreetSmart® Delhi & Golden Triangle Its film lamination is extra durable and will last you for your next trip. Simplicity reigns supreme to make complex cities clear and understandable. Our typography creates character and reveals the true bones of the vertical city. VanDam uses a letter grid to identify locations on maps - no confusing and cluttering K-28 or V-34s - its just the city from A-Z. Gain instant Delhi & Rajasthani STREETSMARTS and a sexy souvenir to boot!

ISBN: 1-934395-11-0

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