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VanDam's 2020 StreetSmart® LONDON ­Edition maps all top attractions including museums, monuments, architecture, hotels, shops and theaters plus the Tube at an immensely legible scale of 1:20,000 complete with 3-D building illustrations. Clear information design allows you to read the map from three feet away and has earned VanDam maps a place in the MoMA Collection. The map is film-laminated, accordion folded and pocket size.

Coverage: London City Street Map 1:20,000; The Westb End & Theatreland Detail Map: 1:14,000; Hampstead Heath Detail map: 1:29,000; Inner London Overview Map: 1:95,000; London Tube Map Dimensions: 4 x 9 folded, 9 x 36 unfolded, fits into shirt pocket or purse.

StreetSmart® LONDON is so legible you will instantly understand how The City connects with Covent Garden, Hampstead Heath with Hoxton, Kensington with Knightsbridge and Tate Modern with the Tower of London. From God's perspective to the most minute alleys our map will be a treasured companion during your stay. This new 2020 edition has two extra panels for increased type size and a larger Tube map. Despite a 2,000 year history the City never had an urban masterplan. Londontown is an agglomeration of medieval villages which form the heart of the metropolis we all love. Turn a corner and new worlds unfold.

London is unique in many ways. It is the only city to boast an entire street designated for men's fashion needs: Jermyn Street in St James's. Discerning gents buy their fragrances at Geo F Trumper, dine at Wilton's, get their bespoke shirts at Turnbull & Asser, shoes at John Lobb and accessories at Dunhill. After window shopping, cut through Piccadilly Arcade for High Tea and cuke sandwiches at Fortnum & Mason's 4th floor Diamond Jubilee Salon. One of the great pleasures of being here is hearing the English language flexed. In theatres and on the street where locals take the time to chat about any subject. British cheer remains the lingua franca despite Brexit.

Among our favorite walks: from The Mile Square City, now the Financial Centre, to St Paul's crossing Millennium Bridge to Tate Modern with grand views back over the Thames. Knightsbridge and Belgraiva are among the toniest neighborhoods. Start at Harrods, the mother of all department stores, to see the latest fashions and taste from the mind-boggling selections of hams on the ground floor, then walk off the calories in Hyde Park with a visit to Serpentine Gallery for cutting edge art and design. Or start the day sipping cappuccino at the London Review of Books store on Bury Pl, then take the 55 bus from Bloomsbury to the Sunday Flower Market on Columbia Rd in East London with lunch at Rochelle Canteen on Arnold Circus. Stroll down Brick Lane to check out the latest East End fashions. Whatever excursions you plan our laminated pocket sized map will make you travel with confidence and help create lasting memories.

StreetSmart® LONDON includes a Central London Map plus a stunning dimensional detail of The West End so you can do historic walks with the maze of Theatreland clearly mapped. The map scale of 1:14,000 makes you feel you are there with 3D buildings illustrations as your compass. All Tube stops are marked by their respective line in context right on the main map and on a separate Tube overview so you know both the local details and understand the larger system.

StreetSmart® LONDON maps are most current. Its film lamination is extra durable and will last for your next trip. Simplicity reigns to make complex cities clear and understandable. Each map opens to 36" x 9" and then folds down to 4"x 9". Gain instant London STREETSMARTS.

ISBN: 1-934395-54-4

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