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VanDam Rome Street Map:
Compact & Laminated 2024 Edition

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This map is temporarily sold out. Please order from Amazon using this link: VanDam's newly revised 2024 StreetSmart® Rome maps all top attractions including hotels, top gelaterias, pizzerias & trattorias at an immensely legible scale of 1:12,500 complete with 3-D building illustrations. Clear information design allows you to read the map from three feet away and has earned VanDam maps a place in the MoMA Collection. The map is fill-laminated, accordion folded and pocket size. Coverage: Rome Center City Street Map 1:12,500; The Vatican Detail Map: 1:6,500; ?Rome Overview Map: 1:235,000; Greater Rome Transportation Map. ?Dimensions: 4 x 9 folded, 9 x 24 unfolded, fits into shirt pocket or purse. StreetSmart® Rome is so legible you will instantly understand how Via del Corso?Rome?s main artery ? connects Piazza Venezia with the Spanish Steps, Trastevere with the Jewish Ghetto, Vatican City with Villa Borghese and the new archeological Museo Barracco with the best gelateria ? Gunther Gelato ? in Piazza San Eustachio in Centro Storico. StreetSmart® Rome focuses on the urban core, the four square miles within the ancient Aurelian wall which is the part you need to know. We select the best & direct you safely in four self-guided walks: The ?Centro Storico Walk? from the Piazza Navona to the Spanish Steps via Fontana di Trevi and Propaganda Av, the ?Palatine Hill Walk? exploring the ruins of the imperial palaces overlooking Circus Maximus, the ?Trastevere Walk? from Ponte Cestio to Santa Maria in Trastevere with top pizza options at Otaleg or a romantic Roman dinner at Zia.

The ?Jewish Ghetto Walk? takes you from Isola Tiberina to the Sinagoga, the center of the old Jewish neighborhood, on to bakeries offering fruit bread w/ marzipan to Palazzo Mattei. Artichokes reign supreme in Rome especially from February through May & the twice grilled Jewish version called ?Carciofi alla giudìa? is a must try at Nonna Beta (16) Via del Portico d?Ottavia. From God's perspective to the most minute detail our map will be a treasured companion during your stay and make it easy to understand the Eternal City.

A special 3D illustration of Città del Vaticano ? Vatican City ? details all the sights in a country of 100 acres ? small enough to fit into NYC?s Central Park ? with a global following of 1.3 billion, this is the third largest state in the world. Starting from the obelisk in the Piazza di San Pietro into the basilica through Bernini?s portico, down the central nave to Charlemagne?s Coronation site, St Peter?s statue to the Main Altar under Bernini?s Canopy and above St Peter?s Tomb, check out the Throne of St Peter in the apse before the entrance up to Michelangelo?s dome (450 feet above), this is the greatest church (basilica) in Christendom. For quick entry into the Vatican museums? the G spot of religious art patronage ? get your pass on-line to avoid lengthy waiting in-line. Imagine the Vatican museums as a giant ?dumbbell? moving from ancient history (Egyptian, Greco-Roman & Etruscan) through a long corridor with magnificent maps, statues & tapestries to the Renaissance revival portion (Raphael Rooms to the Last Judgement Wall in the Sistine Chapel). Then walk through the history of painting from the Middle Ages to the Baroque in the Pinacoteca viewing Giotto, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, il Perugino and Caravaggio. It?s all here.

For modern art and contemporary performance there?s MACRO, MATTATOIO, MAXXI & MONK. This 2024 edition features a new overview map to show you exactly where to hike or bike on the ?Via Appia Antica? to visit its 12 major sites ? catacombs and churches ? along the wa. ySo get StreetSmart® Rome to become an instant Roman(x)..!.

ISBN: 1-934395-31-5

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"Bought this for my honeymoon in Rome and it was very handy since we had our phone data off most of the time when we were wandering around. I loved that it was laminated so it didn't get wet during unexpected storms or when it was in my husband's Camelbak that leaked, and it folded up and fit perfectly in my small cross body bag. Also bought the map for Venice and it was just as helpful"

- K. Wilson on 10/22/2017  ★★★★★  (out of 5 stars)

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