One Million Copies Per Month.

  • Client:




  • The Brief

    Novartis asked for one million multimedia pop-up packages to be produced on short notice.

  • The Solution

    VanDam completed the job from client contact to delivery within three months and set a new standard in client satisfaction by delivering an additional 350,000 copies 10 days later.

    MultiMedia Packaging & Fulfillment
    VanDam oversaw production of the entire package including printing, folding and finishing, DVD duplication and insertion, blister packing and distribution to designated fulfillment sites.

    Technology Edge & Global Rights Portfolio
    VanDam’s patented technology guarantees perfect folding, edge to edge gluing, and packaging on all jobs.

    Folding expertise
    Our equipment folds the map once without a need for pre-scoring. This technique insures consistently high quality. The map will always perform and never rip along the score-lines.

    Total Quality & Time Control
    With daily production up to 50,000 units and reject rates of less than .015%, VanDam is the global expert in producing UNFOLDS pop-ups.