The first ever 3-D magazine cover.

  • Client:

    Marvel Entertainment



  • The Brief

    To introduce its new series of ForceWorks characters with a bang Marvel asked VanDam to create the first ever 3D pop-up cover. The goal was to create 1.5 million instant collectibles which is what VanDam delivered.

  • The Solution

    The first of its kind pop-up magazine cover with the character rising. Said the Wall Street Journal:

    "In a world of distractions, we now have comic books that all but reach out and grab people.

    Marvel Comics, a unit of McAndrews & Forbes, the industry leader, has recently added "cover enhancements" to the chronicles of Spiderman, Wonderman, X-Men, Ghost Rider, Daredevil, Captain America and the Incredible Hulk. These have included foil embossing, glow-in-the dark ink, die cuts and holograms.

    And Marvel is about to introduce a series, Force Works, with a cover that pops up to resemble a ruffled tuxedo shirt. Designed by New York's Stephan Van Dam."