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VanDam's new StreetSmart® Iceland maps all of the island's cultural and natural treasures at an immensely legible scale complete with stunning 3D relief maps of the entire country. Clear information design has earned VanDam maps a place in the MoMA Collection. The map is laminated, pocket-size, durable, and easy-to-read and fold. Dimensions: 9 x 4 closed, 9 x 36 open.

Coverage: Iceland country driving map: 1:1,900,000 Reykjavík city walking map: 1:23,000

StreetSmart® Iceland is so legible you can read it from three feet away and will instantly understand how the capital of Reykjavík connects with the Golden Circle, the South Coast with Vanjökull National Park, and the Westman Islands with the Goðafoss waterfall. You will know where to bird on the Reykanes Peninsula, hike in þórsmörk Valley, whale watch at the Arctic Circle and where to break for lunch on Ring Road Drive through the East Fjords.

This map is your visual guide and essential reference to the geothermal baths, geysers, glaciers, ice caves, fissures, volcanoes and the 4WD driving routes Iceland is famous for.

StreetSmart® Iceland is designed to be both a planning tool and a durable road guide. The map gives you an overview to easily choose between the 6-day Ring Road trip spanning 800 miles, and three 10-12 hour day trips from Reykjavík to the Golden Circle, the South Coast, and West Iceland. Tested Route Guides describe highlights of each drive by day and hour and provide the necessary logistics to make sure you catch the 20:45 ferry into the sunset for an overnight stay on the Westman Islands.

StreetSmart® Iceland map is waterproof, pocket-size and folds easily so you do not run the risk of covering the driver's sight lines when turning it over plus you avoid searching in vain for your missing wifi and roaming signals.

So whether you want to cave dive at þingvellir National Park or simply marvel at the Mid-Ocean Ridge breaking the earth's surface to reveal how the Eurasian and North American plates push apart at Almannagja fissure, the geologic wonder that is Iceland - volcanoes covered by glaciers spilling into lagoons surrounded by black sand beaches lining the Arctic Ocean guarded by thousands of puffins - Iceland comes alive on this map.

For a simple cultural overnight visit the map shows recommended walks, restaurants and shops in Downtown Reykjavík. If you are looking for The Phallus Museum, a dance performance at Iðnó Cultural House or you just want to find the restaurant serving the best local lamb we will get you there with confidence and ease. Hint: Apoték.

Naming names: The map names all features in English so you can instantly tell that Sólheimajökull is a glacier, Gullfoss a waterfall and Hella a volcano. Clearly legible icons show where to bird, cave dive, swim, hike, sauna and whale watch around Iceland.

StreetSmart® Iceland makes it all clear and understandable. For instance, you are on the scenic route 435 to þingvellir National Park via the Mosfellsheiði Valley when suddenly white steam rises from geothermal pipes embedded in black volcanic rocks covered with thick emerald moss carpets: An otherworldly sight. This map will give you the shortest and most scenic route to get there and back with confidence. Even though you may have a tour lined up and only need to follow the person in front of you this map will give you an insight into the unparalleled geologic, tectonic and volcanic riches that are Iceland.

StreetSmart® Iceland makes it easy and you an instant Icelander.

ISBN: 1934395900

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